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Purchase the full software

Why would I buy the full software?

The full software activates two functionalities :
- The shareware shows you how to solve a puzzle that you have randomly mixed up. Yet, it only enables to solve the first side of your puzzle when you paint yourself its colors. The full version will enable you to see the full solution to end the solving of all your real puzzles, anytime you want.
- Moreover, the shareware shows you the moves to do to get to a pattern obtained by a random mix up. Yet, it does not allow to get to a pattern you paint yourself (inverted solving to get to a "pretty pattern" for instance : please see here for more details). The full version activates this funtionality.

How can I buy the full software?

You just have to click on the "Buy now" button below to get to the secured payment page of paypal, where you can pay either by card if you do not have a paypal account, or with your paypal account if you have one.
You will then be able to download the software to install it on your computer.

Price : 10 euros

Do not forget, at the end of the payment, to click on "get back to the seller website"